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Welcome to the Armorpax Range of 1/6, 1/15th and 1/16th scale Super-detailing kits. 


We offer a range of high quality kits and accessories in whitemetal, resin and photo-etched brass for large scale Tanks, Artillery and vehicles. The majority of our parts are from hand crafted masters and all our parts are manufactured in the UK. In addition to our detail sets we also offer a range of 1/6 vehicle marking stencils. The kits and acessories we offer can be found in the relevant sections on the "Parts" page. We are also re-introducing some of the old Frontline Miniatures 120mm Range and a limited selection of 1/16th Scale stencils, details and prices are on the Frontline page under "Parts".


Often, when developing kits for new vehicles, we will create unique one off museum quality builds. These can be followed on our forum and seen at the shows we attend such as the War and Peace Revival. These builds are generally offered for sale as we move on to new projects.

Made in England

The M5 Stuart from 21st Century, how far do you go?

Here is what we did with one.

Please note that as they are quite large and contain many images the Parts Pages and Prices take a little while longer to load.


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