Excellent 1/6th parts in resin including some Armorpax Parts. Our transmission & seat sets for the Sdkfz 250 are now available again through Panzerwerk only. 


Uk Manufacturer of all metal 1/6 tanks and the Kompact Kit range of artillery. Armorpax detail parts can often be found included within their kits.


UK R/C Model Tank Club.


UK Based Forum for Sixth scale vehicle and figure enthusiasts.


Group for the 21st C 1/6 M5 Stuart.

US 1/6 Scale Tank Manufacturer. FOA have taken over the production of the late Mike Stannards 6th Scale Icon parts. They also prodiuce an M16 Halftrack using a licensed version of our Quad 50.


German manufacturer of elecronic sound modules for tanks, Helicopters and just about everything. We have always used Benedini modules in our working models.


UK R/C Model Hovercraft Club.


US based Forum for Sixth Scale Figure collectors and customisers.


Supplier of 1/6 figures & loose kit.

US Manufacturer of 1/6th parts including Tank engines. ECA offer a large number of interior parts too and we have used many of their parts on some of our one off builds.


UK Supplier of large scale working tank models including 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4 scale. Armorpax parts can often be found on their fully finished and ready to run R/C models.


Excellent Tank Painting Service.


US based Forum  for Sixth Scale WWII Enthusiasts.


Supplier of 1/6 figures & loose kit.

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