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Dave Dibb
Mar 2

"Die Werkstatt" German Welding set


Finally got round to painting one of these sets for our display. Pics below for those looking for a suitable way to paint them.





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  • Dave Dibb
    Oct 13, 2017
  • Dave Dibb
    Jun 22, 2018

    Hi All, With the demise of our old forum (still not sure what happened to it) and the issues with certain image hosts we have decided to add this new forum into the website. It is primarily a place for us to post new products, development work, useful guides and general information regarding Armorpax. Most of the categories are locked but we have created a section where customers who have registered can post builds of their own models and work. This is not designed to be a general discussion forum as there are plenty of good ones already out there, that we are members of and support. Please therefore restrict any posts to pics of your own 1/6th builds and work in progress that may be of interest to our customers. Strictly no advertising. Its going to take a while to retrieve all the pics etc necessary to put our old tutorials together but we will do this a soon as we can starting with Milliput Welds, as this was a particular request at the recent Armortek Open Day. Best regards Dave - Armorpax